The wondrous works my god has done in my life

  1. In late 2013 A.D. or early 2014, I was alone at night on a long stretch of road. Before I knew it, I had a pack of dogs, which had lined themselves down the road, barking at me. I did not see how I could leave. Just when I thought I was in a terrible situation, a stranger came by in a car. I waved to him and miraculously, that stranger stopped for me and let me in. I thank my god for that rescue. That stranger would drop me off in a place that was better-lit (by street-lamps), and did not charge me any money for the ride.
  2. This happened between the years 2016 A.D. to 2018 A.D. In Indonesia, I was feeling thirsty. I was on a mini-bus then, and if I had brought water with me, I had run out of it. Looking around, , I saw a water-bottle in a dustbin (or trash-can) that was inside the bus. Long story short, I drank it. And I thank my god that he gives me what is needful for me. As it is written, the Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. (Psalm 23)
  3. A man who was physically bulkier than me sat on top of me as I laid down on the bed, stomach down. He unbuckled my belt and I had the impression that he wanted sexual activities with me. I shook my head. "You don't want [it]," he said, and left the hotel room that we were both in. I don't think I had that much influence over his decision to leave. Maybe my god rescued me. My god is my saviour and my Rock.